Essay about Analysis Of ' The Odyssey ' By Homer

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Throughout history and stories, women have had many different depictions and representations. These days women are depicted being stronger than a princess that always needs saving and becoming the hero in many different ways. But that is not what this is about, this is an epic poem called “The Odyssey” by Homer. It is about Odysseus and his journey after the Trojan War and despite being centuries old, the depictions of women of that time period is surprisingly strong. There is Penelope, who is Odysseus’ wife, shows very strong mental strength as she continues to wait for Odysseus, Athena, the goddess of war and wisdom, who gave courage, hope and mental strength for Odysseus and his family and Circe, the witch that kept Odysseus and his crew for a year but still took care of Odysseus and his crew until they wanted to leave.
To begin, there is Penelope. She is Odysseus’s wife, she stayed home and took care of the house and Telemachus, Odysseus’ son. Throughout the poem, Penelope has shown great mental strength. When everyone began to think that Odysseus was dead, she still stayed loyal to him, because she promised him that no matter what she would wait for him until he returns. And when people came up to her and said that he was Odysseus she would put him through a small test to see if he was lying or not. When Odysseus did come and tell Penelope that he was Odysseus, she still treated him like she did with everyone “‘Come, Eurycleia, move the sturdy bedstead out of our bridal…

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