Essay on Analysis Of The Novel ' Turn Of The Screw '

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Turn of the Screw in it’s most simplest form is a Victorian ghost story that centers around a governess who has no support from her employer and the children that she is attempting to save from the preserved ghosts. However, when we delve deeper into the meaning behind the story we find a complex display of societal dictations that control the characters interactions, their motives, and their thoughts. The Marxist reading of this storyline helps us to see these different classes, by looking at the economic and social standings of characters and gives us insight into why the governess feels threatened by the ghosts and the meaning behind her actions. In “Turn of the Screw” we can specifically focus on the governess internal struggle of her own desire to move up the social ladder and her *struggle* against these desires, which she subconsciously views as disturbed. This desire to move up the social ladder stems from the Master of a large estate who has hired her to take care of his niece and nephew.
When the governess describes the Master she speaks fondly of his good looks and charm. This coupled with his obvious wealth entice her to accept the position of governess. When she is walking around the grounds right before seeing Quint she daydreams about the Master meeting her and approving of her which would lead to love and eventually marriage. This love would supersede all social dictations and would fulfill her dream of marriage. In the article “James’s Fractured…

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