Analysis Of The Novel ' The Woman Of The Yellow Wall ' Essay

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The woman in The Yellow Wall Paper find enlightenment in a few ways, the story concerns not only a certain class but also a certain type of society in which women play very limited roles. Women are finally set free at the end of the short story, through the story the narrator is confined to a single room in a large house. She attempts to cope with isolation, and finally sets herself free at the stories conclusion. For the narrartor this was an enlightening experience.
The story sweat has a few different themes that can be discussed. One being the theme of religion. Delia in Sweat endures more pain than one can be able to handle. She runs her own household, works fulltime feeds and clothes her husband despite his physical and verbal abuse towards her. She still keeps her life going on, with the belief that god will make things better. Faith and prayer keep Delia strong, as faith and her religous belief is the element that keeps Delia strong enough to let god “make things right” and let sins catch up to Sykes. Sweat also focuses on the theme of society and class, to be specific Hurton focuses on Southern working class African-Americans who never interact with white folks.
The quilt in Everyday Use serves as a symbol, a symbol is when a author uses an object in a story to represent a greater meaning. The quilt is a symbol of the family heritage, that can only be appreciated by members of the family. The quilt symbolizes a long line of relatives, also the…

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