Analysis Of The Novel ' The ' Of The Rye ' By F. Scott Fitzgerald

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Text C is based on a protagonist named Holden Caulfield, the theme of rejection is included in this extract as Holden is constantly rejecting and discarding Ackley, a fellow student at Pencey. At times Holden also rejects himself as well as society because he fails to fit in with everyone around him. Text H also incorporates rejection into the extract, as Protagonist Huck Finn rejects religion, society and conformity. Both novels are bildungsroman’s, the two protagonists both go on a journey of self-discovery, facing many challenges along the way, helping them to mature and gain an understanding of the adult world. In text C the audience is given a glimpse of how Holden feels about himself as he says, ‘I felt so lonesome, all of a sudden. I almost wished I was dead’. His loneliness and self-doubt is emphasised through the adverb ‘almost’ as it shows that his morale is declining. Holden’s alienation is quite frantic as he worries and panics over unimportant events such as Stradlater meeting up with a girl. Salinger makes Holden appear to be quite extreme and over reactive, frequently using hyperboles such as ‘that killed me’ when it clearly didn’t, so maybe he’s seeking sympathy. At one point he uses the adjective ‘dead’ to describe how he does not want to be part of society anymore as he is rejected from it. Holden speaks using the first person narrative, this makes the reader feel as if Holden is speaking to them directly, highlighting his rejection, loneliness…

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