Analysis Of The Novel ' Dream Of The Red Chamber ' Essay

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This essay is a summary and analysis of the novel Dream of The Red Chamber. The novel was originally written by Tsao Hsueh- Chin translated and adapted from Chinese by Chin-Chen Wang. The publisher is Anchor book and the book was published in 1958. The story begins with a Buddhist monk and Tao priest transforming a magical stone into jade. The jade is the jade of Pao-Yu the protagonist of the story. The novel focuses on the lives of the Chia family and the family is separated into two houses. Black Jade is Pao- yu cousin and she comes to live with the Chia family when her mother dies and the matriarch insists that black jade come to the capital city “she would be better off under the loving care of her grandmother and the companionship of her cousins” (25). Pao-Yu and black jade have an instant connection after they meet for the first time. Pao-Yu tells the matriarch “I feel as if I were meeting a friend whom I have not heard from for years” (33). After the arrival of black jade another granddaughter of the matriarch arrives at the Chia house, Precious virtue. The arrival of precious virtue creates jealousy in Black Jade because Precious Virtue is loved by all and has a perfect demeanor “precious Virtue, won the hearts of all, and black jade could not help feeling a little jealous” (38).
Pao-Yu becomes friends with Chin Chung and wants him to attend the clan school. He convinces the matriarch to let Chin Chung attend the school “He said that with a congenial companion in…

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