Analysis Of The Novel ' By Pauline Hopkins Essay

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Pauline Hopkins is right when stating that surroundings influence our lives. If this wasn’t the case then a death would never make us sad and rain on a bad day wouldn’t mean anything. Everything has a result to it, just like everything can be represented a symbol. It just depends on how an author wants their character to portray that outcome or of that “symbol” is really a symbol at all. No matter what it is, with every cause there’s an effect. In every novel or play the cultural, physical, or geographical surroundings will create a character 's disposition. The environment that one is brought up in shapes the characters traits because it is the only thing that has consistently been familiar in their life; to them, if it’s familiar, it has to be correct.
When a character is in a bright and sunny geographical surrounding, they typically have an optimistic attitude; when an author describes the characters geographical setting as dark, mysterious, or frightening the character will likely be pessimistic and have a spiteful attitude. The more the atmosphere is described as positive and happy the more you can expect the character’s traits to be the same. If the character has been taught to be happy-go-lucky, live off of optimistic quotes, and bask in the glorious sun, they won’t be the antagonist in the story.
In “Great Expectations”, Pip meets Magwitch in the cemetery while visiting his parents graves. By the word “cemetery”, the reader can immediately see that the geographical…

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