Essay Analysis Of The Novel ' Brave New World '

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The novel, Brave New World, contains a story of a futuristic society in which there are no problems, in which everybody is happy, and in which there are several shocking similarities and differences pertaining to today’s society. There are several topics that were covered in the novel, such as human life and death, consumption of goods and services, and the use of drugs and medicine. All of the topics contained several points in which society in Brave New World could be compared to the society of today. In these comparisons, there were several points that were disturbingly similar, and there were also several points that were drastically different from today’s society. One topic that is covered extensively in Brave New World is the use of drugs and medication. This topic has many concepts within it that both differ and compare to that of the modern world. Firstly, in Brave New World, there is a recreational drug called Soma, and it is used by the masses as a way of calming themselves and staying happy. This drug is perfectly legal, and it is even created by the government. This is very different from the modern world because of the different views of recreational drugs. Today, most recreational drugs are illegal because of their harsh negative effects, but this is not the case for every recreational drug. There are also similarities between Brave New World and the modern world in this topic. This is because there are legal recreational drugs in the modern world. Some…

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