Analysis Of The Novel ' 1984 ' Essay

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The action of the novel, 1984 develops in Oceania, in one of the super-states who distributed, the world after a war. The society divided into three social classes - upper, middle, and lower class. Everywhere people are the subject of close supervision omniscient leader Oceania, Big Brother. Telescreen and microphones were in every room. The novel is about Winston’s revolt and society’s attempt of keeping him down. Everything about a fictional totalitarian Government (modeled on the USSR) to give an overdone explain about how individuals and regimes use propaganda and fear to obtain power over people’s thoughts, actions and words. The society restricted, both physical as well as psychological. Restrictions related on family, food, friendship, sex, recreational activities, work, travel, media, movies, language, media, facial expressions, and even thought. The reach of the totalitarian progression is endless. Orwell particularly indicates USSR and Stalin persona, which comes as a controlling figure "Big Brother". Both society and the government in the novel are especially totalitarian in their character. Society is a good operation machine that runs on manipulation and violence. The structure of the government consist of four main ministries and they all work for the maintenance of power. Domination of the Party presented in everyone 's head and no one should even have a bad opinion about the Party or Big Brother. This rule says outlook Ingsoc, based on the slogan of the…

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