Essay on Analysis Of The Novel ' 1984 ' By George Orwell

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The novel 1984, written by George Orwell, is based on a negative utopian society in the year of 1984 and it is about a man named Winston who lives celled within a government called the Party, also ruled by Big Brother, so lavished with power that dictators like Hitler and Stalin would never had imagined possible. This government has complete ruling over the people of Oceania, the place where the story takes place, by means of keeping their actions and thoughts under control and punishing with death, those who showed merely a glimpse of contradiction to the Party’s beliefs even though there are no laws of any kind established. Winston, the protagonist, works for the Outer Party, which is considered as a middle-class job in today’s world, where he alters history according to what the Party wants to be forgotten or added. This is when the term doublethink, which Orwell creates, comes into play. Doublethink is a labyrinthine world that implies believing in two contradictory ideas simultaneously. Throughout the whole novel, Orwell uses this idea to make the reader fully understand the Party’s beliefs. Winston at this point is raging at the fact that the government is using this idea to brainwash people into believing their ideals and therefore when he meets a girl, named Julia, he defies the Party and commits the crime of sex. As Winston’s loathing for the party grows stronger and stronger, he at last is caught by the Party official O’Brien, and is put through what would be an…

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