Analysis Of ' The Night ' By F. Scott Fitzgerald Essay

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Wallace threw down his books haphazardly to their lunch table, disrupting Veronica 's hole-burning stare into 09er-land. In the short time he 'd known her, fierce determination and single-mindedness had come to scare him, and the scowl she was wearing looked familiar.

"I know that look. That look means trouble." He sighed, unwrapping his lunch, waiting for her to spill.

"Nope. No trouble." Shrugging her shoulders, the picture of innocence, she put on her best convincing face. Missy was putting on a show of her own, worthy of at least a few minor acting awards. Veronica had been watching her cry for five whole minutes without shedding a single tear. "I 'm too cute to be in trouble." She smiled.

"Even cute puppies can bite your hand off." He looked unimpressed. "If you 're not dishing, that 's fine, I 'm patient. And I actually heard something you might be interested in."

"Sting is coming to Neptune to choose his next ex-wife, and I 'm on all the shortlists in People magazine?" Her eyebrows quirked, she popped a grape into her mouth- finally taking her eyes off of Missy in her time of true greek tragedy, gross feelings included.

"Not quite." Wallace deadpanned. "Apparently, Logan trashed Weevil 's bike, and gave his helmet a new paint job of, apparently an unsavory male-ad with Weevil 's cell number on it."

Veronica dropped her fork, mid scoop of mystery-meat mush, sighing. If lucking out with Wallace and her dad meant every single other…

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