Analysis Of ' The Neon Green Lines ' Essay examples

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Reading the neon green lines as they spike upward and fall down in two limitless rays stretching as far as the 19 inch screen, we estimate how long we have left. Scanning the healing hues, a balance between tropically warm and eerily cold, we tell our strained veins to heal beside the head wound and not from it. We have been hit, but we cannot see where. It is deep down into our dear “David”, our mirrored soldier who can barely spell out the D’s anymore. Our radio antenna has lost its signal and our veins have lost their way to communicate clarity, we are in the scratching oblivion within that pixelized ray.
From our left, we can make out a popcorn ceiling. From our right, the only readable tone is a shadowed grey. . .Yet, there is a deep-pulsing pressure wherever we turn. We are back in a war, although now it is with a silent pilot atop clouds we cannot see through. We know the outline of the plane, but this time David’s hands cannot be seen to shoot as they have shot so many before.
These shrill sockets keep closing too quick for us to finalize our plan of attack. We need to heal and heal fast. We keep asking each other what we can do, but we never have an answer. Our No Man’s Land, our intertwining optic nerves, has yet to report any activity to either side. The war is heavy on David’s optic chiasm, his head hit that glistening sharp rusted knife faster than he could push it away and the cold concrete coffin faster than he could catch himself. Those arthritis-ridden and…

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