Analysis Of The Narrative Of Frederick Douglass 's ' Blessings Of Slavery '

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Contradicting Statements
Slavery has always been an extremely controversial topic, especially when intertwined with the United States the “freest” nation. As in any other cases, there are always multiple point of views. In slavery the most prominent ones being abolition and pro-slavery. Unlike other differences that could be resolved easily, the issue of slavery took many decades and lives to eventually become resolved. Yet, even to this day, there are multiple opinions surrounding slavery.
The narrative of Frederick Douglass clearly refutes the quote from “Blessings of Slavery” by George Fitzhugh. Douglass shows how he is openly discriminated, how his subordinating working conditions are inhumane, and overall the terrible and brutal living conditions of slaves. Frederick Douglass 's story impacted the American society deeply; he managed to convince many Americans who had not taken sides before, to become abolitionists and even made pro-slavery advocates rethink their side by showing them the horrors of slavery.
Frederick and his slave companions faced an immense amount of discrimination, involving not just physical discrimination but also verbal. The physical discrimination in some events even lead up to death, but consequences did not exist for the murder of a colored person. “The wife of Mr. Giles…murdered…a young girl…the offence for which this girl was thus murdered was this…during the night she fell asleep and the baby cried” this reason for the murder is seen as…

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