Oppression Vs. Suppression Analysis

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Oppression vs. Suppression
The oppressor, George Fitzhugh, was born, November 4th of 1806 in Prince William County, Va. As a child, Fitzhugh was not in the higher level of society, yet he managed to scale later on. Fitzhugh came from a family of the stable but not great economy. When he was still a kid his father took him and his mother to live near Alexandria, Virginia. While growing up, he attended the town school, then as a grown person became a lawyer. This title made it possible for Fitzhugh to have several jobs as a clerk with diverse people and institutions, as it was at the office of Attorney General Jeremiah Sullivan Black. Fitzhugh was a pro-slavery person, who believed slavery to be a way of protection and civilization for black
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In contraposition to Fitzhugh who is possible scare of education to have the same effect on every colored person who he uses to increase his fortune and power. If presented to have this argument these two individual will have valid arguments to prove their points, however as an individual with higher knowledge than a most slave, it will be hard for Fitzhugh to convince Douglass that to be a slave is beneficial for him as for the slaveholder. His master was kind and gave six cents out of six dollars to Douglass (page 102). However, this was the turning point which made him realized it was not as fair and beneficial as it will be if he was able to enjoy his rights as a human being and not a property. “We were all ranked together, at the evaluation.” “Men and Women, old and young, married and single, were ranked with horses, sheep, and swine”, (page 45). This was a specific example of the dehumanization of slaves to the level of animals and property. Douglass after opening the doors of his mind also gained awareness of his condition and raised the devotion to fighting for liberty as well as put out there for blacks and whites the injustices committed against his people, and how unfair it was that no even religion was to be considered a source of help. Furthermore, people will use it as a manner to oppress the weak. The purpose of Douglass is not only to gain his liberty and let people know how unfair his life was but to make sure that the corruption of power will be abolished at the same time of slavery. As well as by putting his experience out there raises awareness in the white community who want to believe the fairy tale of slavery to be a way of help for the

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