Analysis Of The Narrative ' Into The Wild ' By Jon Krakauer Essay

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Physical pain is able to bring us great sufferings, but the pain of the soul could be much greater and unbearable than physical; especially, if it comes from someone you love. Jon Krakauer, the author of the narrative "Into the Wild", describes the journey of Chris McCandless, 24-years-old young man, to Alaska, which was made in an attempt to find inner peace and answers to unexplainable questions. The journey that he thought would transform his life and change everything. Rejected his comfortable life, his family, and even his name, Alexander Supertramp, as he called himself, following his ideals, had chosen difficult and full of unpredictability way. Depriving himself the most necessary things, he headed west towards his dream, what brought a lot of pain to his family and friends. Throughout his extended journey McCandless visited a great deal of magnificent places in several states gradually meeting new people. Among those new acquaintances were those who took McCandless close to their hearts, and were indifferent to his life and death. Thus, Wayne Westerberg, Bob and Jan Burres, and Ron Franz turned up to be the most affected by the life and the tragic end of a young man. First, Wayne Westerberg was indifferent to a young man who appeared in his grain elevator in March 1992. Westerberg 's combine crews harvested grain across the great plains, and he offered Alex a job in his hometown, which is Carthage, South Dakota, where a lonely hitchhiker found a new…

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