Analysis Of The Movie ' The White Savior ' Essay

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The White Savior

Using a white and black paradigm, the black maids are the narrative subjects of The Help, yet many black readers such as myself, viewed Skeeter as the centralized protagonist and voice. The harshest yet powerful woman in the novel was white socialite Hilly Holbrook, the evil antagonist, was portrayed in a negative light in order for readers to identify Skeeter as the “white saviour”. She terrorizes, isolates, and dehumanizes her domestic workers, specifically Minnie, throughout the novel. The catalyst that drove the domestic workers to rebel was when Hilly organized a campaign for white families to build separate toilets for domestic workers to avoid “black diseases” (Stockett, 2009, p. 8). This campaign is the catalyst for the initially hesitant maids to participate in Skeeter project. Perhaps, Stockett intentionally included her character in order to satisfy white audiences and critics. Consequently, the book’s main target is to appeal to the mainstream (white) audiences by making them feel content with Skeeter’s attempts to give agency to these marginalized black characters. Her role is centralized in order for white readers to relate to her, as the author spends a large quantity of time developing this character in order to fulfill her role as the ‘white savior’ required to empower the powerless and alienated black maids from their racist employers in Jackson ( SORUCE).

Additionally, Skeeter’s romances, friendships, and ambitions are the main…

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