Analysis Of The Movie ' The Truman Show ' Essay

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Sir Thomas More described utopia as an ideal humanist island, where there is freedom and harmony within the community. Peter Weir in his film, The Truman Show, presented his version of utopia, a town called Seahaven. This essay will analyze the film as a critique of consumerism. The name of the city itself is, as Smicek points out, an anagram of, “as heaven,” that seems to, “replicate a saccharine of 1950 's American suburbia” (33). The main character, Truman, lives in the, “pastiche of Capra-esque small-town picket-fence America,” the suburban paradise with perfect laws, pastel-coloured homogenous Victorian-style houses with large perfectly mowed front yards and typical sedans (Swintice). The mise en scene of the film is an actual town in northwest Florida called Seaside, a popular vacation destination. Christof, the fictional creator of the 24/7/365 soap opera, “The Truman Show,” which is watched by millions of people across the world, states that Seahaven, “is the way the world should be.” This represents the ultimate, “American Dream,” the idea of a, “land in which life should be better and richer and fuller for every man, with opportunity for each according to his ability or achievement” (Truslow 6). We conceive of an American dream as of something that, “feeds us an idealized view of opportunity in America.” Seahaven is in fact, just a big studio where everything is designed to represent the American dream. However, it is not the American dream itself and…

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