Analysis Of The Movie ' The Serpent ' Essay

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Extra credit response #1
Out of the list of movies that was available to watch, I chose “Embrace of the Serpent” out of complete curiosity. The movie was quite unique I would have to say. The plot was about an Indian man named Karamakate who was the last shaman that survived from his tribe. His mission was to travel two scientists to find a sacred plant called Yakruna. Both these missions occurred at two different periods in Karmakate’s life and both men were out to find it out of selfish ambition. One scientist wanted to heal his disease, the other wanted to secure disease-free rubber trees for the US.
My thoughts on the movie:
Although the film was quite twisted at times (Karamakate spiking a church organization--leading to a mass attack/cannibalistic gathering) the movie depicted an interesting protagonist who held unswaying beliefs about the world, people, and his morals. The overall plot was quite psychedelic, as he used local herbs to explain the universe to both scientists. His intention was to convince the travelers to end their ways with nature—to persuade the people back at home to stop their expansion in Indian territory. The most climactic part of the film for was when Karamakate forced both the scientists to throw their luggage into the river. This event was highly symbolic as both men had to deny themselves and throw out their egos and parts of their identities. In relation to globalization—this film illustrated how different identities, religions,…

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