Analysis Of The Movie ' The Night Room ' By F. Scott Fitzgerald

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The lights flickered on by Johnny’s hand, and his other was holding onto one of Clarissa’s hands. As soon as there was visibility in the room, Johnny and Clarissa saw the kitchenette off to the right side of the room and the extended room that eventually led to the room’s balcony. The two of them checked out the hotel room in a casual manner, and then they both ended up onto the balcony which faced the Oceanside Pier. The two of them peered out into the sea while also admiring the lights upon the pier that revealed the length and the ending point: which was the pier restaurant. Maybe it was a minute that went by on that balcony, but within that minute Johnny’s head would turn frequently in the direction of Clarissa. Of course, Clarissa noticed this, and decided to take the lead. She led him back into the hotel room from the balcony by getting in front of him, then assertively pressing her fingers into his chest. The slight pressure told him to keep stepping backwards into their room for the night. His hands just remained by his sides and he submitted to her ushering him into the unknown world of transgender intimacy. It was now happening. Johnny’s late teen desires were now coming to fruition. It was a cisgender male, Johnny, facing a non-op trans woman, Clarissa. She released one of her hands from his chest to shut the sliding glass door behind her. They were both breathing heavily. Still facing each other, Johnny slid off his dress shoes, and then Clarissa kicked off one…

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