Analysis Of The Movie ' The Night Of The Cat ' By F. Scott Fitzgerald

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Laughing at the cat fight on her televison screen, Olivia Pope turned the volume down to make sure she heard the timer on the oven. Dinner was ready, yet the trashy reality show had her glued to the screen. Her husband hated watching the bickering women.

He often complained about her changing since they married. In response to his complaints, she called him delusional. Nope, nothing was good enough for Edison Davis. He wanted a bigger apartment and everything else that came with being a physican. They had several arguments where Olivia reminded him he was a first year med student.

She was happy to find a place in a nice area on their budget; it wasn 't Manhattan, but it wasn 't the slums either. She was working on her MBA, and scapping pennies together on her income from the diner until she could find a paid internship in marketing. The summer was coming to an end, and this time tomorrow she would be in class.

Her undergraduate degree was in communications, and she had managed to snag a few internships before graduating. The pay was crappy, but the connections made were worth every cent. Most importantly, the marketing director who helped her get into Columbia.

Few words could describe how giddy she felt when she handed her acceptance letter to her soon to be husband. They would be going to the same university in New York. They tied the knot and had a simple garden wedding before moving to New York. They were broke, but California offered plenty of free parks.…

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