Essay on Analysis Of The Movie ' The Night ' By F. Scott Fitzgerald

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Susan and Beth continued to share a bedroom in Texas, and a bit of mischief was never far behind.
Throughout the house, the soft sounds of a hard ball dropping into a mitt could be heard over and over again. Walking around or lying on the floor watching TV, Sam tossed his only baseball all summer long. Sam the Pro, was always organizing a baseball game down at the church lot, the furthest distance the two youngest were allowed to go from their backyard. He was always the captain, always the pitcher and always the home run hitter. The room vibrated with his chatter as he recited the stats from his baseball cards and which ones he needed to complete a whole team.
Long summer days filled with play. Hah, one can still hear his spooky voice telling a ghost story while all the neighborhood kids sat in Johnnie’s shed next door. The perfectly timed pounding on the roof and scream as Susan and Beth opened the shed door to find Johnnie lying on the ground, covered with ketchup blood.
Even the fence perimeters could not contain the life of this family; it spilled out into the neighborhood. It spilled into the trees they climbed and the fences they jumped.
Then, in winter, the soft clinking of coins, as Sam counted his money repeatedly. He lined up the coins in perfect rows across the floor. There is the soft rattle of gently shaken Christmas presents, as they gathered to guess what was in the dime store packages carefully wrapped and labeled. Then the loud announcements of how many…

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