Analysis Of The Movie ' The Hurt Locker ' Essay

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To help understand the heartbreaking poem “The Hurt Locker” it helps to know a little bit about the poet. Brian Turner lived in South Korea for a year before being deployed to Bosnia-Herzegovina with the United States Army in 1999. He then was moved to infantry team leader in 2003 for a year while in Iraq (Poetry Foundation). He wrote the poem in 2005. This poem was also the inspiration behind the popular movie “The Hurt Locker” in 2009. (Turner 942). The movie gave even more illustrations to Americans about the war. It also gave people a little more of an indication as to what the Hurt Locker actually means. The Hurt Locker can mean different things for different people with everyone having a different opinion and thoughts. The film did a good job representing the poem using a bomb squad to illustrate what the hurt locker could possibly mean. This was an important time for America. They were at war with Afghanistan and the Americans were sending over troops constantly including Turner to try and keep the war under control (Witte). Having known this background information about Turner this poem makes more sense to the reader and has a lot more meaning behind it. The first two lines are probably the most sorrowful lines in the poem. “Nothing but the hurt left here/nothing but bullets and pain” (Turner 942). These symbols are pretty plain and simple. Turner is referring to the pointlessness of war and how it always leaves a destructive wake in an ocean that represents the…

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