Analysis Of The Movie ' The Classic ' Dr. No, Actor Sean Connery '

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In the few ways tobacco companies are able to reach and influence younger audiences, a specifically potent one is when the movie’s titular characters radiate a confident and desirable personality that coincides with their usage of cigarettes. In the 1962 classic Dr. No, actor Sean Connery gives viewers the first look at the iconic James Bond when he introduces himself at a casino table in England early in the movie. After winning two hands against an intimidating yet beautiful women, an unseen Bond strikes conversation that leads the women to announce herself as ‘Sylvia Trench’, provoking his signature intro: “Bond. James Bond.” At this moment, viewers catch the first glimpse of the protagonist and his delivery is executed perfectly with a lighter in hand, cigarette in mouth, and wispy smoke rising from his exhale. The cigarette, as small and insignificant as it is, appears to be the necessary component of his being; a symbol of the relaxed yet stern character Bond possesses that dictates his actions and interactions with others. To compliment the image, the tuxedo, the silver cigarette case in hand, and the smooth tone of voice coexist in the setting to provide the viewer with an instant recognition of the man’s desirable bravado and charisma. This recognition may be greater and may have more of an effect when dealing with a younger viewer, one who perhaps has never tried cigarettes. In her article, “Prevalence of Smoking Among Major Movie Characters”, Norris Cotton Cancer…

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