Analysis Of The Movie ' The Circle ' By Dave Eggers Essays

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According to Psychology Today, on average kids spend 5-7 hours a day looking at screens. This is a staggering amount, accounting for around half of daylight hours. In The Circle, a novel by Dave Eggers, a young girl named Mae in a job with a large technology company spends close to her entire day on a screen, leaving little time for interactions with people. Instead she relies on how others perceive her online, rather than as a real human being. Truman’s entire life is fake in The Truman Show, a movie directed by Peter Weir about a man who doesn’t know his life is on TV. Everyone he has ever met and everything that has ever happened to him was scripted. Never has he had a spontaneous conversation with another person. Both works explore the idea of genuine human interaction, although one through the lens of technology, and the other through television.
In the beginning of each the audience senses something wrong with the world in which the protagonist lives. The first few scenes of The Circle involve Mae becoming situated to her new job. In an effort to make her comfortable, the Circle has collected a lot of information on her. During her tour Mae’s guide, Renata, takes her to see a Calder sculpture, and when Mae says “Oh, I love Calder,” Renata replies, “I know you do” (5). Although they have never had a conversation, it is as if she knows her like an old friend. In Eggers’ world you don’t have to meet a person to know their personal information, so why bother meeting them?…

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