Analysis Of The Movie ' The ' A Raisin Into The Sun ' Essay

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Character Analysis of Mama in the “A Raisin in the Sun”
The play, “A Raisin in the Sun” describes a few months in the life of an African-American family, the Youngers, living in Chicago in the 1950s. When the play begins, the family is about to receive insurance compensation amounting to $10,000. This compensation is as a result of the deceased Mr. Younger’s life cover policy. According to the play, each of the grown up members of the Youngers has an idea on how to spend the family fortune. Mama, matriarch of the family, wants to purchase a house to fulfill her late husband’s dream. Mama’s son, Walter, would prefer using the money to start a liquor store with his friends. He believes that the venture will solve the family’s financial problem. Other family members have their opinion on how the family money should be used to make sure that the persistent financial problem forever. Each family member demonstrates unique characteristic in the course of finding the best way to spend their fortune. This essay explores several character demonstrated by Mama in this play.
Though Mama exhibits strong motivational strength in this play, she is however not its focal point. “A Raisin in the Sun” though Walter Lee demonstrate how Mama influenced his life through manipulation and blackmail. A proud woman, Mama is not much wealthy, but she exudes dignity, walks tall, and carries herself, as Hansberry would say, with the "noble bearing of the women of the supermen of Southwest Africa,"…

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