Analysis Of The Movie ' Stranger ' By Harold Crick Essay

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Two ideas are forced upon every single person. Taxes and death. Through the movie Stranger Than Fiction the audience follows Harold Crick, ironically an IRS auditor, who is forced to face his own fate. However, these are only the ideas posed on the screen. The underlying message stressed throughout this movie is the idea that time is precious and should not be taken for granted. A main idea that is presented throughout the entire movie is the idea of challenging oneself. This is evident when Professor Jules Hilbert tells Harold to accept his fate and to live the life he never had. Harold decides to do this through trying out new things. This idea is the most prominent because it is a message to all audiences. Instead of living life day to day, live for each individual moment. The first step in this process for Harold was when his home is smashed into by an excavator. His wall is destroyed which forces him to move out of his normal home. This scene can be taken literally or figuratively. From the figurative side of it, the wall demonstrated his current life and when it is destroyed it forces him to move on to the next chapter of his life whether he is ready or not.
Through his forced move, he stays with his friend from work which begins a relationship and someone he can call a friend. This was something he was not comfortable with because he had been alone for so long. Harold shows other examples of his growth by expressing his feelings to Ana Pascal. With his previous…

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