Analysis Of The Movie ' Spanglish ' By Flor Moreno And Her Daughter

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“Spanglish” is a movie that carries a cross-cultural issue in the United States between the upper-class Caucasian and the Hispanic. The white upper-class is represented by the Clasky family, and the Hispanic side is represented by Flor Moreno and her daughter, Cristina. The film does a good job in carrying the issue of multiculturalism in the United States, and the main conflict is the struggle of maintaining identity in a multicultural society. The struggle of maintaining an authentic Hispanic culture is seen through the character, Flor. Also embedded in this film are obvious Latin-American stereotypes that are being exploited. I will elaborate the portrayal of Flor’s effort in keeping her only daughter, Christina, to stay authentic as well as the exploitation for the sole purpose of entertainment. The representations of the two colliding cultures, in “Spanglish” are based on common stereotypes. While the Clasky family lives in a big, beautiful Los Angeles house, Flor and her daughter, who illegally immigrated to the United States, share a small flat. Their flat is located in a Hispanic community and they also live with their family. The importance of being authentic is seen by what Flor does for a living in the United States. She never leaves the Hispanic environment and works at a laundry mat in the neighborhood. There are so many Hispanic props and writings in Spanish that can be seen. Flor feels very much at home and happily interacts with the people, speaking Spanish.…

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