Essay on Analysis Of The Movie ' Rin Avaliable '

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He sighed. “In that case, in Rin avaliable? Nothing I am asking you right now should come off as a joke.” She bowed once again as a sign of an apology and tried to make herself seem more respectable. “She is, allow me to get her real fast master Kohaku.” She left with an apologetic but forced grin as she went back into the room.

Haku heard mixed shouting when she went back into the room to receive the second most trusted worker alongside Chihiro. A tired Rin comes to the door and gives Haku a dirty look that no other worker would show in his presence. “What?”

“I need to talk to Chihiro as soon as possible.” Rin rolled her eyes at the request and gave a sarcastic smile. “Can’t you just wait for one of your little pretend dates?” She asked with mock pleasantness. Haku was frustrated, this didn’t scare her- it actually was quite amusing. “I know she’s washing her clothes right now-” “and therefore is undressed. You’re quite deviant now, aren’t you?” Haku was too professional to yell at her at the moment. Maybe later. “Tell her to hurry. It’s important.” Rin actually felt a little concerned for her after hearing that it’s something so serious. “Care to tell me?” He thought about it. “Not right now. I need to talk to her beforehand, I’ll let her discuss the issue with you if she wishes to. I’m going to be leaving for a couple of days so I won’t get the chance to talk to you.” Rin understood, it wasn’t rocket science afterall. “I’ll tell her to get dressed. You wait here.”…

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