Racism In The Movie 42

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Mateo Ramirez
Dr. Ainsworth
English 1301
18 April 2017

More than a Game

The movie 42 (2013) is an American sports movie directed and written by Brian Helgeland. The movie is about the introduction of African Americans to American baseball. The main character in the movie is Chadwick Boseman who is playing the role of the first African American baseball to sign to a professional American baseball team his name is Jackie Robinson. Robinson signed with the Brooklyn Dodgers in 1947. The movie also shows most of the things Jackie Robinson had to go through. The viewers should feel like this is a very hard task for Robinson to execute with the pressure of rasicm and death threats hectoring him every step of the way. The viewers will also visualize the hardships of racism that Jackie Robinson had to endure.
Jackie had to fight through a lot of racism to be able to break the color barrier, a lot of people from other teams and even on bis own team would call him the “N” word to try and make Jackie want to quit the team. But he was too determined to quit even though it has crossed his mind a lot of time throughout the film. For instance, Ben Chapman the manager for the Philadelphia Phillies would taunt Jackie with a bunch of racial slurs while he
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Becoming the first African American to play professional baseball. All of this happened in 1947, history recent enough that people around today can even remember it. It will probably come across as more shocking new to the younger generation who know little about Jackie. They might know his number 42 being retired and that might be all. The number 42 reminds us that black Americans who fought and died for this country in War World II, but they returned home to a country that had separated water fountains, bathrooms, and a ban on Negroes in the major

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