Analysis Of The Movie ' Rear Window ' Essay example

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Cornell Woolrichin “Rear Window (originally titled ‘It Had to Be Murder’)” is a short story, full of suspense and murder.The short story and the film version take us into the life of a man who is forced to live in a wheelchair due to his injured leg. While Jeffries watches his neighbor’s each day he “could have constructed a timetable of their comings and goings, their daily habits and activities” (Woolrich 67). This reveals that not only Jeffries enjoys watching them, but he also knows their everyday life. According to Lawrence Howe, author of the article “Through the Looking Glass: Reflexivity, Reciprocality, and Defenestration in Hitchcock’s ‘Rear Window”’ he emphasizes that “Rear window has been recognize[d] for its [theme] of watching, connecting the voyeurism of L.B. ‘Jeff’ Jeffries with spectator’s curiosity about the lives of those one watches on the screen” (Howe 16). This explains why the theme of voyeurism is important throughout the story. In the short story of the “Rear window” and in the film versionboth focus on theme of voyeurism.
The theme of voyeurism is present in the film version and in the short story. According to George E. Toles, author of the article “Alfred Hitchcock’s Rear Window as critical Allegory” he agrees that “Hitchcock knows that the Voyeuristic drive is always [a good aspect] and inescapably present in the art of watching movie narratives” (Toles 230). This illustrate thatHitchcock knows that in a movie narrative voyeurism is present. While…

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