Analysis Of The Movie ' Pretty Boy Crossover ' Essay

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Salvador Dali is credited with having said, “I don 't do drugs. I am drugs.” Dali was not only a world famous artist known for painting, sculpting, and photography, for he was also a drug addict. Dali has bluntly described how he and other addicts feel while they are in the clutches of their addiction. They feel as if their drug of choice has dominated their lives, and they have lost their identity, and free will to it. Occasionally, however, the drug addict does not consider that losing themselves is a terrible outcome. They perceive it as them being in a better world mentally than where they are physically in this world. Consequently they do not fight the identity loss, they embrace it, for that is the reason why they do the drugs, to escape. Dali took drugs due to his belief that they enhanced his artistic capabilities, and maybe they did, although for others drug usage is a form of escapism. Pat Cadigan’s short story, “Pretty Boy Crossover” is about a handsome young man who is a pretty boy, trying to see his friend. Pretty boys are a social class at the top of the partying society. All that we know about the central protagonist is that he is a pretty boy, and he is only referred to as such. Pretty Boy is in a nightclub looking for his friend Bobby, who is also a pretty boy, and who has recently crossed over into the digital realm. Bobby now only exists as a computerized version of his former self, as a self-aware data computer program. It is as if being digitalized in…

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