Analysis Of The Movie ' Ouch ' Essay

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“Ouch” he grunted as he turned around feeling pain as the cold metal blade went through his stomach as pain followed all throughout his chest, he fell to the ground in pain as he tried to catch his breath, and He laid there as he felt some pain shooting in his chest. He could feel hot sweat running down his face as he lay there holding the sword that now was in his stomach. His hands could feel the blood running out of his body as he held on to the sword.
Saul could hear the sounds of fighting and men moaning and yelling as they were dying. The rocks he fell on hurt his face as he lay there trying to move around and it only hurt move, but he found a spot that did not have so many rocks. This cannot be he thought as he felt pain going through his body.
He saw warriors all around him and they did not stop to check on him. His body hurt and he wondered why all this was happening. As he lay there, his mind told him this was it and he did not want to believe it, but he knew better in his soul this was it. He saw dead soldiers all around as he tried to get up to look about, but the pain in his stomach was too much so he lay back down. Trying to catch his breath, he saw his crown nearby and was in too much pain to even reach for it
He started to remember things he had not thought about in years, he flashback to Samuel pouring oil over his head as he heard the words “you are king, as the God of Israel has anointed you” some tears started to run down his…

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