Analysis Of The Movie ' Ordinary People ' Essay examples

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Life is so beautiful that death has fallen in love with it, a jealous, possessive love that grabs at what it can. Death and life mix in the world to create a very unique atmosphere. Humans struggle to cope with the overbearing forces. Emotion takes control and each individual approaches life and death from a different angle. The Academy Award winning film, Ordinary People, focuses on the Jarrett family, who has suffered the tragic loss of their son Buck in a boating accident. Each member of the family attempts to deal with the pain individually. Calvin Jarrett, the father, griefs and moves forward in hopes of supporting and bringing his family back together. Beth Jarrett, the mother, buries the emotion deep within and refuses to feel. Conrad Jarrett, the younger son, suffers drastically, attempts to kill himself out of grief, and begins seeing a therapist. Each take individual action and never face the pain as a loving unit. The lack of human connection since Buck’s death leads to dysfunction and conflict within the family. Calvin, Beth, and Conrad engage in verbal violence with little emotional intelligence. Occurrences of silence and violence between the three plague the lives of these “ordinary” people. With a little knowledge of conflict management, healthy dialogue, mutual purpose, and effective listening, the Jarrett family could accept the pain of their loved one’s death and move forward with a stronger love than ever before.
Calvin Jarrett, the loving father, is…

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