Analysis Of The Movie ' Ordinary People ' Essay

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In the film Ordinary People, there are three characters making up a very dysfunctional family. Conrad Jarrett, Beth Jarrett, and Calvin Jarrett all make up a family, that just recently went through a major loss of Beth and Calvin’s son and Conrad’s brother, Buck Jarrett. This film is all about how the Jarrett family is handling this death with themselves and each other. Through out this film all the family members are copping differently, whether it be through silence or violence, but they all seem to be having a problem managing their conflicts appropriately and safely. All three of the Jarrett’s seem to use silence a lot more often than violence but when they choose to use violence it’s short and sour. Seeing all the conflict and unhealthy dialogue caused, do to the lack of conflict management, when looking at the situations that were being dealt with there were three ways, one for each family member to handle it in a healthy manner: using the AMPP method for Conrad, avoiding stories for Beth and for Calvin using contrasting to deal with conflict. Conrad Jarrett, otherwise known as the ‘survivor’, and the son of Beth and Calvin Jarrett, and brother of Buck Jarrett. Conrad was facing a lot of survivors’ guilt after he lost his brother; do to the fact that he was the only one there when Buck drowned. Survivors guilt is not something to take lightly, he saw his brother’s death as his fault. But Conrad faced other problems too, for example, when he was approached with bad…

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