Analysis Of The Movie ' Night Fever ' Essay example

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Saturday Night Fever, the iconic 1970’s disco film is really a tale of two cities, Manhattan and Brooklyn. It’s a depiction of people trying to break out of dead end lives. While both Manhattan and Brooklyn are a part of New York City, in the 1970’s they were worlds apart. Manhattan was White Collar while Brooklyn was blue collar. Manhattan was a borough full of hopes and dream while Brooklyn, the setting of the film, was the home of broken dreams. The characters in Saturday Nigh Fever, most especially Tony Manero, are looking for a way out of their mundane lives. Saturday Night Fever, the quintessential seventies film, fondly remembered for it’s polyester suits and memorable dance sequences, remains a dark, enduring portrait of a New York City undergoing an existential crisis. The first shot of the film is the Brooklyn Bridge which connects Brooklyn to the Manhattan The bridge symbolizes the divide between the boroughs, it represents the difference between the world Tony lives in and the one he wants to inhabit. They have little ambition or ability, and success is symbolized, with by Brooklyn Bridge pointing towards Manhattan John Badham said the following about the films opening shot of the bridge in an interview “. "Our first image is of the Brooklyn Bridge and how it connects back to Brooklyn from Manhattan," "That 's a key image in this film as the connection between these two worlds which are so close together and yet so far apart at the same time."
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