Essay about Analysis Of The Movie ' Memento '

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The film titled, Memento (Todd & Nolan, 2001), follows a man named Leonard Shelby. Shelby suffers from a lack of short term memory, causing him to relive daily experiences. Throughout the film Leonard narrates the events of his wife 's assault and the trauma caused to him by the attackers. Due to his lack of short term memory, Leonard needs to take photos and write down everything that occurs in his life in order to assure himself the memory occurred. The condition only allows him to live the present, but not register it, meaning his lack of short term memory does not allow him to form new memories, which is considered a form of anterograde amnesia due to head trauma.
Before Leonard suffered his trauma, he led a fairly normal life as an insurance investigator who would "pick out the bulshit claims". Leonard Shelby seemed to have a fairly normal life before the accident. He was a married man who worked and paid his dues as a husband. Leonard 's job entailed him investigating homes, but he often just let the homeowners do the talking while he examined their body language, in many cases catching them in their own lies. The day his wife was assaulted in his home, Leonard killed one of the assailants, but not before the other caused his irreversible injury (Todd & Nolan, 2001). Due to Leonard not being able to create new memories he begun to condition himself using photographs, notes and tattoos, also referred to as mementos.
Brain Damage The trauma to Leonard 's…

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