Analysis Of The Movie ' Mean Girls Centers ' Essay

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Movie Summary Mean Girls centers around Cady Heron, as she enters her junior year of high school. Cady has recently moved to Evanston, Illinois from rural Africa and is about to enter North Shore, a public high school, after being homeschooled for her entire educational career. Initially Cady is unfamiliar with the norms of the high school, but she soon learns how to navigate the social scene from Janis Ian and Damien, a duo of low social status. Soon after meeting Janis and Damien, Cady is noticed by and eventually recruited into the most well-known clique, the Plastics. The clique is made up of Regina George, Gretchen Weiners, and Karen Smith, all of whom have high social status, and from them Cady is taught even more about the social expectations at North Shore. When Janis realizes Cady’s position in the Plastics, she devises a plan to take down Regina and dismantle the Plastics.
The movie Mean Girls offers many instances of adolescent peer socialization to analyze. In this paper I will focus on popularity as it is portrayed in the movie by discussing the four popularity statuses, highlighting the role of aggression in relation to two types of popularity, and provide evidence to show how both specific scenes related to popularity and the movie are accurate in their portrayal of peer life in adolescence as suggested by developmental research.
Four popularity statuses, rejected, neglected, popular, and controversial, have been identified to describe the ways…

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