Essay about Analysis Of The Movie ' Friday '

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Friday Films have had a major impact on our judgement of other cultures. The movie, “Friday”, is no exception. This movie takes place in the 90’s and revolves around Ice Cube’s character, Craig and his misadventures in a poor suburban neighborhood in South Central Los Angeles on a Friday. Although it’s a very comical movie, the depiction of African Americans is very degrading and inaccurate for both the men and women of the culture. The men in the movie are made out to be violent scoundrels, excessive drug users, and conniving thieves. Women on the other hand, are portrayed as harlots, sex objects, and spineless. Friday interpreted an extensive misrepresentation of African Americans. In a movie that takes place in a poor suburban neighborhood, one can only expect to see criminal behavior like theft and drug use. However, the criminal behavior portrayed in this film is vastly exaggerated. This behavior is exhibited by characters like Debo, Smokey, and Big Worm. Debo is the neighborhood bully and people in the hood fear him. He’s big, strong, and very unpleasant. In the movie, he steals from just about everyone because he can. Red is a character who is victimized by Debo on several occasions. He managed to find Debo on the driveway playing dice and drinking malt liquor with Smokey and some other guys. When Red and his father decided to ask for his bike back, Debo punched him in the face and knocked him out. He had a horrendous black eye for the rest of the movie. Debo ran…

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