Analysis Of The Movie ' Freaks ' And Geeks ' Essay examples

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The critically acclaimed show Freaks and Geeks is a shining example of a TV show that ended far too early. Freaks and Geeks was a show that captured the awkwardness of adolescence, as opposed to the romanticized and nostalgic view typically portrayed on TV. Shortly after Freaks and Geeks ended, a spiritual successor arose in the form of the show Undeclared, created by Judd Apatow, a producer of Freaks and Geeks. Where Freaks and Geeks was more drama than comedy, Undeclared was a lighthearted show that explored the college experience. Although Undeclared presents plots typical to the college experience, due to the lighthearted tone of the show, aspects of typical college life are presented too simplistically. Undeclared glamorizes the college life by ignoring the academic aspects of college and overemphasizes the social aspects, creating a false sense of reality in young adults who have no basis to evaluate the show.
Undeclared follows Steven Karp, entering college at the fictional University of North Eastern California. Determined to abandon his nerdy self image, Steven uses college as an opportunity to reinvent himself. Each episode follows Steven and his dorm mates as they try to navigate their new college lifestyle. Due to their wide-eyed freshman nature, Steven and his dorm mate’s inexperience provides the main source of the shows conflicts which often end with comical results. Originally Undeclared was broadcasted on the FOX network. In the historical context FOX’s…

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