Essay on Analysis Of The Movie ' Flowers For Algernon '

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In 1959, Daniel Keyes released a short story that later emerged in 1966 as a book focusing on the life Charlie Gordon. Flowers for Algernon, a science fiction, heartbreaking novel focuses on the psychological aspect of Charlie Gordon’s life. This book/movie was hailed for being ahead of its time on scrutinizing the problems in the treatment of people afflicted with mental disorders. Flowers for Algernon, is still acknowledged as a classic, revealing the stigma society places on mental disorders as a whole. Centered around, Daniel Keyes novel, the movie Flowers for Algernon focuses on the main character, Charlie Gordon. Charlie, a 32 year old mentally disabled man is specifically chosen to experience an experimental psychological surgery that was explicitly fabricated to boost his intelligence. Gordon works at a bakery as a janitor where the other employees at this establishment insult and mock him, he doesn’t understand their mockery and considers the other co-workers his friends. Three times a week, he goes to a college center for mentally disabled where he is considered to be an experiment to see if the operation can boost his intelligence. At first there is no immediate change in Charlie’s intellect, but Alice, his teacher at the college center helps him with his grammar and reading. Slowly he begins to accelerate academically, he rapidly gains intelligence, which shocks his co-workers and the people around him. Soon he is able to recall lost memories of his family,…

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