Analysis Of The Movie ' Flies Don 't Enter A Closed Mouth ' Essay

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En boca cerrada no entran moscas. “Flies don’t enter a closed mouth” was engrained into Gloria Anzaldúa’s mind as a child living on the Texas-Mexican border. When she was in elementary school, speaking Spanish on accident led to her getting smacked with a ruler by her teacher. She was then sent to sit in the corner for “talking back” when all she was trying to do was tell her American teacher how to accurately pronounce her name (Anzaldua). Oppressive incidents like these became a recurring part of her childhood and, unfortunately, the same can be said for many others like her. The oppression that Mexicans in America are facing has been an ongoing issue for many decades and the issue does have an end in the foreseeable future due to the newly elected president Donald Trump. Mexicans are not able to live high quality lives because of American misconceptions and racist actions towards them in their communities and within the U.S. law. This has recently caused many Mexican families to relocate to more rural settlements in hopes of hiding from the forefront of the tension, but even that has led to some difficulties. Solving the issue means integrating these people into society by encouraging activism and saying “no” to the possibly severe measures our new leader and citizens could take in the future.
So what is causing citizens of the United States to be racist against the Mexicans inside and outside of our borders? Joe R. Feagin, author of Racist America, discusses the…

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