Analysis Of The Movie ' Enrique 's Journey ' Essay

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It is universally known that to truly understand someone, you have to walk a mile in their shoes. Investigative journalist Sonia Nazario does exactly that in her Pulitzer Prize winning book, Enrique 's Journey. She immerses herself into the life of Enrique, a desperate Honduran boy in search of his mother, by imitating his journey through the harsh South American terrain on "El Tren de la Muerte [The Train of Death]", in hopes of understanding what brings "48,000 South American children to the United States alone and illegally each year" (299). Nazario evokes feelings of humanity and compassion in her audience by establishing her credibility as an unobtrusive observer, appealing to the reader 's emotions, and citing concrete facts and evidence. Armed with strong rhetorical devices and simple, straightforward diction, she strives to inform Americans of the struggles of illegal immigrant children in their efforts to reach the United States.
Sonia Nazario could have just interviewed people and researched statistics and still have had a great book, instead she chose to immerse herself in her story so that she could truly be able to recreate the journey of Enrique and establish herself as a credible observer. She explains, "I wanted to see, taste, hear, and feel what this journey is like. In order to give a vivid, nuanced account, I knew I would have to travel with child immigrants through Mexico on top of freight trains" (125). By establishing and grounding her…

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