Analysis Of The Movie ' Derek ' Essay

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“Derek?” Dex called out to his boyfriend who had just left the shower in sweatpants, while he sat on the bed that he shared with Nursey, in the apartment he shared with Nursey because he and Nursey were now boyfriends.


It had taken him a while to get used to that label, and it had taken even longer for his family to get used to that label as well as his relationship with Nursey. (That may have been down to the fact that Dex 's brain thought that it would be a good idea to come out of the closet as well as tell the entire family that the boy sitting next to him was not just his team mate who couldn 't go home because his parents were in Europe but he was his boyfriend too during Uncle Joe 's rant about how the gay agenda was ruining America). But after a year of mutual pining and the arguments that followed and over three years of dating and even more arguing, Dex was happy, well and truly happy.

“Yeah, babe?”

Even after three years of being with Nursey, Dex still felt the same heat of a blush that would, without a doubt, somehow be brighter than his hair. He 'd accepted that he 'd never get used to Nursey 's nicknames for him, unfortunately Nursey had also caught on – which, in turn, meant he came up with a lot more than he had before for the sole purpose of embarrassing Dex.

“Could you put my phone on charge? It 's in my coat pocket and I don 't want to get up.”

Normally, Nursey would have bitten back with a snarky comment, but he heard how tired Dex…

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