Analysis Of The Movie ' Bran Nue Dae ' Essay

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Bran Nue Dae (2009) is a film directed by accomplished Aboriginal director Rachel Perkins, based on the acclaimed stage play by Chi & Knuckles (1991). An exuberant road movie musical full of effervescent energy and infectious humour that captures the screen from its initial frame. This film is set in 1969 in the coastal pearling town of Broome that follows the story of Willie an Aboriginal teenager who escapes from a religious boarding school and sets on a hero’s journey to return to his home town. On this quest type narrative, the protagonist encounters eccentric characters, such as Uncle Tadpole, played by Ernie Dingo who convincingly portrays the complex character. This movie is not bound by the traditional Aboriginal narratives which often seem to be overtaken by themes of racism and dispossession which potentially can lead to one dimensional stereotyping of Aboriginals as victims. In a refreshing contrast, this film although not abandoning the complexity of Aboriginal cultures and ongoing issues, successfully attempts to use comical approach and musical format to give rebirth to the Aboriginal experience. Fordham (2013) argues that “Brand Nue Dae” is part of this new wave of “reconciliatory cinema” which aims to project a more optimistic resolution were Indigenous communities can themselves resolve their own concerns. The political issues within the film are intertwined in an often subtle as well abstract manner, through the use of complex characters searching for their…

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