Analysis Of The Movie ' Boyz N The Hood ' Essay

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‘Boyz N the Hood’ is a movie about three friends Tre, who lives with his father, and brothers Doughboy and Ricky, who don’t know their fathers; and the problems that come with growing up in a Black Urban America. This movie looks at how each of them turns out and the influence a present father has over his son. “One out of every 21 Black American males will be murdered in their lifetime, most will die at the hands of another Black male.” (The opening of Boyz N the Hood). I feel that opening with these statistics gives the watcher a sense of the caliber of power the movie is going to have. The people watching know that the film isn’t just another funny movie but rather that the creators are trying to convey a message. Singleton has stated that the movie is based on reality as much as possible and is set in South Central Los Angeles in the 1990’s.
As the movie starts we see a younger Tre who is still living with his mother, until he gets into a fight at school, breaking a verbal agreement that he had with his mother. As a result of this his mother feels it is time for Tre’s father (Furious Styles) to take over the responsibilities of Tre and teach him values that, “only a father can.” (Boyz in the Hood). Even though the three of them are friends the life of Tre is different from that of his friends. Ricky and Doughboy are raised in a single parent household. And while they are brothers, it is clear from the very beginning that their mother, Brenda Baker (Tyra Ferrell), has…

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