Analysis Of The Movie ' Black Swan ' Essay

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Another aspect of Carl Jung’s theory that is shared across the four films that I have studied is the idea of one having a persona. The persona is the aspect of Jung’s theory where he believed us all to have a side of our personality that we perceive as appropriate to present to society. This persona usually contains all of our normal aspects of ourselves, however Jung believe these ‘Normal’ aspects to be what we deemed appropriate to present to society. These are the sides off us that we present in order to be normal and fit into society. In Black Swan, Nina the protagonist is portrayed as a very thin, petite ballerina. She throughout the film sounds not like a woman, but a young girl, her ‘Persona" is that of a ballerina. In our world today, more specifically in the ballet world, ballerina’s are thin women, with soft, sweet voices and very little curve to their figure; therefore they are seen more as girls than women. This is how Nina is presented to the world. Throughout the film Aronofsky used the repetition to allow the viewer to understand that Nina was not a woman, but a young girl. The ways in which he did this was through the motif or words or phrases such as; “sweet girl”, “pink” or “pretty”. It is a constant recurrence throughout the film where Nina’s mother calls her “My sweet little girl” and Thomar call her “Princes” all forcing upon Nina the idea that she is a girl and not a woman. Also the use of pink in Nina’s room and costume once again backs up this idea…

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