Analysis Of The Movie ' Avatar ' Essay

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1. Post-development is the ideology that development is merely the manifestation of the Western World’s hegemony over the rest of the world. Meaning that the notion of development is the influence of the Western World’s ideals changing the cultures and economies of autonomies elsewhere. Post-development theorists view the concept of a Third World and what the characteristics of such a nation would hold is an invention which the more powerful use to exert power by means of that nation and or benefit from. The more powerful actors can then justify their actions through the definition of development. (Culp, 2014). The movie “Avatar” shows several key post-development arguments. During the movie there is a scene in which Parker Selfridge, who is the corporate administrator for the RDA mining company calls the Na’vi people savages, questioning the interests and care the individuals of the Avatar program have for them. Hugo Grotius was an expansionist who proposed that individuals who liken themselves as beasts can be justifiably punished and dispossession. Many development advocators of his time used this idea to justify expansion, colonization, and even slavery (Gasper, 2015). Similarly, to Grotius, Selfridge attempted to vindicate their reasons for coming to Pandora by calling the indigenous of this moon untamable and feral. The RDA’s mission in Pandora is to mine a rare mineral called Unobtainium, which sells very lucratively in the black market. This is their sole motive for…

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