Analysis Of The Movie ' A Doll 's House ' Essay

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An Analysis on Mrs. Linde in A Doll’s House

Ibsen’s play A Doll’s House is a break through on the ideas 19th century conventional feminine status. The play calls for women being independent in the masculine society during that period. It is about a woman’s awakening journey of discovering the subject of self. The protagonist, Nora leaves the house and her family where in her past thirty-year life the inner self has been suppressed. The character Mrs. Linde plays an essential role in the play, leading the audiences to an insight and deeper understanding on the tragic marriage of Nora. Through Nora’s communication with Mrs. Linde, the audiences witness all the changes of Nora inside, all the struggles she has been through, and with the push of Mrs. Linde, Nora finally realizes the problem of her current life.

Mrs. Linde is a character that being initially introduced in the First Act as a lonely poor widow. Her poor situation is in a strong contrast to that of Nora, giving the audience an illusion of the happy family life of Nora, which would creates a larger impact on the audience when the truth is revealed at the end. Mrs. Linde shows up in a much paler, thinner and older image for Nora. Her face indicates she had suffered much in life. Mrs. Linde, in order to support her sick mother and two younger brothers, she married wealthy person. But her husband died with no money left, she has to work all along afterward to support the family. She did anything she could to…

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