Analysis Of The Movie ' A Better Life ' Essay

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The movie, A Better Life, follows the relationship of a father and son and through their story captures the Mexican immigrant experience in the U.S. The movie begins with a focus on the father, Carlos Galindo and his job as a day laborer. Carlos, an undocumented immigrant, works hard everyday to provide for his son for the hope that his son will be able to have an easier life. Carlos’ son, Luis, does not respect his father 's work and does not value his schoolwork like his father wants. Luis is caught between the pull of his father to be a hardworking man and his friends who are associated with gangs. Carlos works for a man named Blanco who is selling his truck and Carlos buys the truck from Blanco, only to have it stolen by a laborer he hires. Having invested a lot of money in the truck and unable to go to the authorities because he does not have papers, Carlos goes out searching for the truck and Luis helps him. As the two are searching for the truck, they experience tension in their relationship as they both come from such different generations. Luis has no love for Mexican traditions and is very much Americanized, while his father is still very much invested in his Mexican heritage. The two eventually find the man who stole the truck, but he has already sold it to a junkyard. Carlos and Luis find the truck and steal it from the junkyard, but as they are driving away they are caught by the police. The police arrest Carlos and he is put in jail, while Luis goes to live…

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