Themes In The Miller's Tale

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Critiques of the Truth that Make You Wonder
Many stories often carry an underlying message or lesson throughout them. In the Miller’s Tale, the author manages to make many critiques about heavily respected aspects in life. He does so comically, while also embarrassingly. All of these critiques are still apparent in today’s society and happen almost everyday. Chaucer does an exceptional job of making the reader aware of the nasty surroundings that each of these characters put themselves in just to get what they want.
Religion was highly respected and still is to this day. However, in The Miller’s Tale certain pokes are made at religion as a whole and abused in order for the characters to achieve what they want. Absolon pranced throughout the
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Individuals often use one of these three things to their own advantage in order to get what they want. Nicholas compared his lie to the Carpenter to that of the Great Flood instead of using Noah’s story for good. Individuals often skew their lessons in life in order to fit the perimeter they need even if it 's for the wrong reason. Human vanity is displayed greatly in just Alison 's character alone. The idea of her beautifulness to other men is what in turn gets her in trouble. Nicholas sees her and says, “y-wis, but if ich have my wille, For derne love of thee, lemman, I spille.” (line 90-91). The idea that someone would die for the simple fact that they could not have you may get into the person’s mind and make them even more vain. Their beauty becomes a negative for others and a weapon for themselves. Alison is sought after and falls more in love with the attention of a stranger than that of her own husband’s. Most importantly though is the author’s focus on sexuality. The entire Tale is about who is getting what they want or how they are trying to achieve this end goal. Sexuality takes over each character and blinds them to all else that would be extremely hurtful to others if they were seeing clearly but instead they are completely focused on their selfish needs. Nicholas has to come up with an elaborate plan in order to trick the Carpenter and then proceeds to make love to his wife in his their own bed. Alison deceitfully tricks her husband into allowing all of this to happen right underneath his nose and would do it again in a heartbeat. Even when Nicholas and Alison were caught in the act they denied all of it and made the Carpenter out to be the crazy

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