Analysis Of The Letter ' The Letter From The Attic ' By F. Scott Fitzgerald

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Alex sat at his desk, staring blankly at the musty (1) walls that surrounded his worn out studio. On the desk there was a small lamp, a piece of paper, and a pen which had been given to him by his father. The lights flickered and Alex came out of his trance, realizing that he had not even started to write the letter which was intended for his mother in Sweden. He took off his black hat, put it on his bed, and began to write with the deep blue pen. The letter to his mother was primarily comprised (2) of his concern for her well being. Alex’s mother had been suffering from strong periods of depression ever since his father had died two years ago in 1933.
Alex wanted to desperately be with his mother and younger sister, but he did not have the money to move to Sweden nor the money to bring both of them to Austria. Alex’s mother and sister had moved to Sweden initially to find solace (3 Noun) from the rampant (4) violence and aggression toward minorities in Germany. Alex had moved to Austria because he believed that growing resentment and the spiral of violent nationalism throughout Germany was an ominous (5) sign for revolution. Another reason Alex decided to moved was because he felt that inflation in the country was going to result in a growing population of destitute (6) people looking for employment and resources.
When he was finished writing the letter, he got undressed, neatly organized his work clothes, put on his night wear, and made sure to insert the letter into an…

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